Ways To Engage Any Classroom

How To Make Any Lesson More Exciting Using These Things!

What can be the cure for a possible boring lesson? Find out how here. Humor can transform any potentially dry lesson into one of increased student engagement and response. But to do it effectively requires putting some energetic action into the lesson. I am a dynamic teacher by nature and I enjoy blending some humor into the lessons though I am not a comedian at all. Of course, it ALL depends on what you are teaching. Here are some ways you can engage your students.

I taught a lesson about what an oil slick is and how it affects wild life. Instead of droning on about oil slicks, I gave an example by showing a picture of syrup and described what it might be like swimming in disgusting years old mucky syrup! I then imitated the swimming action and pretended to get caught in the mucky stuff. This was followed by showing a slide of a bird coated in crude oil! That got their attention! 

I am also very energetic in front of students. I show my enthusiasm. I try to physically act out ideas and even use students to illustrate different ideas. This usually draws in their attention! I was describing how birds fly in one lesson and slowly ran around the room pretending to be a bird but asking students what exactly I was doing and pausing here and there to make sure they were understanding the points I was making. 

Another tactic I use is to put students in an example by asking them a tricky question. This will silence them quickly because they are not expecting that at all. 

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