7 Ways To Teach Kindness To Kids

A nice classroom is a safe classroom and we all want to feel safe and smile. Here are 7 ways to spread the kind word.

Be The Model Of Kindness

Make sure that every act you try to do, do it with kindness. Even if that means you might have to yell at students, do so in a kind way. Impossible you might say? Maybe. But if they can see you being kind almost all of the time, then maybe just maybe they might be willing to show that. Not an overnight success by any means. But it will at least put the idea into their heads for a long time. 

Be Empathetic

"You need to understand first then be understood." That is the good old saying that is true. A good teacher must learn to listen and not judge regardless of what the situation is. Patience is key here.

Emphasize We Are All Friends

In this way, you are encouraging all fellow classmates to respect and show kindness to each other everyday. 

Read a Book About Kindness Everyday

Most classrooms I have been in have a read aloud time where the teacher reads a book out loud to them. Maybe at least once or twice week, read a story about being kind to each other. 

Create Kindness Challenge

You can pick the duration. Once a month pick a week whereby the class is given a chance to see which student has done the most acts of kindness during that week. Each student has sheet where they can record the act of kindness they did for that day and week. Reward the class if everyone did their part.

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