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Welcome to CleverClassroom, an educational blog based in Cedar Rapids. At CleverClassroom, my mission is simple: to help educators around the world become more effective and successful in their teaching practices. What sets me apart from other educational blogs is my focus on sharing various experiences in teaching, managing classrooms, managing electronics usage, and dealing with parents.
I believe that education is about more than just conveying information - it's about building relationships with your students, creating a positive learning environment, and finding innovative ways to engage and inspire your students. My blog is packed with a wide range of tips and strategies that can help you achieve these goals, from incorporating technology into your teaching to dealing with difficult parents. Whether you're a new teacher just starting out or a seasoned educator looking for fresh ideas, I'm confident that you'll find something valuable in our blog.
So why not take a look around and see what CleverClassroom has to offer? I'm constantly updating my blog with new content, so be sure to check back often for the latest tips and strategies. Contact me to learn more about my blog and get more resources for innovative education insights and strategies!

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